Christmas at The Bay Lodge

Planning to visit The Bay Lodge/Mossel Bay over Christmas? Here are a few tips to ensure you have a great time.

  1. Pack summer clothing, but remember to bring a jacket.

Christmas is during summer in SA, but Mossel Bay has its own mind when it comes to weather. Although it’s usually a sunny day on Christmas, Mossel Bay can get a bit windy and colder even during summer, especially on the beach.

  1. Make dinner reservations.

Here at The Bay Lodge we only serve breakfast even on Christmas Day and should you not make a reservations for lunch / dinner ahead of time you will struggle to get into a restaurant.

Some of the restaurants offer buffets on Christmas such as Admirals at the Garden Route Casino , other close by restaurants  you can go to includes Oceans Basket , Piza e Vino , Café gannet ect.

  1. Gifts

Christmas just isn’t the same without opening a gift, but we do not always have space to pack gifts and bring it along. Luckily here in Mossel Bay we have lots of places to get the perfect gifts.  We also have Christmas Markets where you can buy all sorts of gifts.

  1. What to do during Christmas time in and around Mossel Bay.

There’s plenty to do. Visit the beach, walk through the Christmas Markets, take amazing photos or visit the events taking place during the festive season.


Christmas is a time to be happy and nothing makes you happier than having a great time away.