Rip Currents

As mentioned before , The Bay Lodge on the beach is not just our name , we’re actually situated directly on the beach , The Bay View Beach , to be more specific.

It is a lovely beach where families can play with their children , where you can take long relaxing walks or just watch the dolphins swim by.

Although the ocean is safe to swim in most of the time , it can also become dangerous from time to time , especially when there is a rip current.

Signs of a rip current is:

  1. A channel of churing, choppy water.
  2. An area having a notable difference in colour in the water.
  3. A line of sea foam,seaweed, or debris moving steadily seawards
  4. A break in the incoming wave pattern.

What to do when you get yourself caught in a rip current:

  1. Stay calm , force yourself to be as relaxed as possible.
  2. Do not try to swim against the rip current – swim slowly and conservatively out of the current.
  3. Wave/call for help
  4. Look at the beach to see in which direction the current is pulling you.
  5. swim 90 degrees in the direction the current is taking you and then use the waves to get you back to the beach.

Remember to always stay safe even if you are a very good swimmer.

(Image provided by the internet – Mossel Bay Advertiser)